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USKBTC Rescue is composed of a group of dedicated club members who volunteer their time and homes to care for Kerries in need.

The majority of our dogs have been voluntarily surrendered by their owners to rescue. Many new owners find themselves unready to manage the typical Kerry aggression, high energy level and coat maintenance. We’ve cared for Kerries as young as eight weeks and as old as fifteen years in our foster care program. In an average year, we will care for and re-home 30-50 Kerries through our rescue program.

Our USKBTC’s Breeder’s Code of Ethics states that breeders are expected to assume lifetime responsibility for any dog they produce. So, from the moment we first hear about a dog, we search diligently for information to help identify the dog’s breeder. Because we know that our club members who breed care deeply about the dogs they produce and because we know that once we find the breeder’s name, one phone call is usually all that’s needed to assure us that this dog will be cared for by its breeder. If, for some reason, the breeder cannot take the dog back, USKBTC Rescue will then take responsibility for the care and placement of the dog. The majority of the dogs we care for in rescue are not bred by our club members, but are either imports or bred by commercial breeders.

While in foster care, we arrange for immediate medical evaluation to determine if there are any health issues that need treatment. Dogs are typically kept in foster care for at least two weeks to allow the foster caregiver adequate time to evaluate the dog’s temperament and behavior. If the foster caregiver decides the dog is adoptable, we then look through our applications to find a home that “matches” the dog’s needs and personality. We usually find a club member who lives near the prospective adopter who can do the prescreening of the home and can mentor the new owner throughout the dog’s life, providing help with grooming and training or whatever else is needed. Interestingly, some of our best rescue volunteers are folks who have adopted a dog through our rescue in the past!

Funding for our efforts comes from donations and from the adoption fees paid by the new families. We do occasional raffles and auctions as fund raisers, but the bulk of our contributions come from our club members. Donations of food from the Iams Company and veterinarians who offer substantial discounts for rescues are a great help. While there is no charge for the dog itself when adopted through rescue, we do ask that the new family make a donation to cover the dog’s expenses while in rescue.

If you would like to help with the USKBTC Rescue program, we always welcome volunteers who can do any job, small or large. We need people who can donate their time to watch for Kerries in shelters, check references, do homes visits, mentor new owners, transport dogs, and especially those who are willing to provide foster care in their home for a rescued Kerry. If you can help, please contact us!


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