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USKBTC Rescue is composed of dedicated club members who rescue 30 to 50 Kerries each year. Rescued dogs have been as young as eight weeks and as old as 15years. Most dogs are surrendered by owners who are unprepared for the dog’s feisty temperment and high maintenance coat. Other times, death or illness leaves a dog stranded.

Because the USKBTC Code of Ethics states that breeders should assume lifetime responsibility for dogs they produce, our first step with each rescue is to identify and contact the breeder. We know that one phone call to our responsible breeders will assure that the dog’s future will be secure. If the breeder cannot take the dog back, USKBTC Rescue will care for and place the dog. Sadly, most rescue dogs are not bred by club members but are either imports or bred by commercial breeders.

Dogs typically spend a minimum of two weeks in foster care to allow for full evaluation of the dog’s medical condition, temperament and behavior. We then search for a home that matches the dog’s needs. Often a club member who lives nearby will pre-screen the prospective new home and then mentor the new owner. While the majority of financial support comes directly from concerned club members, some funds are raised through adoption fees, raffles, auctions, etc.


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