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When considering a puppy please browse this web site to learn about the Kerry Blue Terrier:

  • do you know how big it will grow?
  • can you meet its exercise needs?
  • do you know how active it will be?
  • will its temperament and personality fit your own?
  • will it constantly need attention?
  • what are the best methods for training a Kerry puppy?
  • is it easy to housebreak?
  • are you prepared to forego other activities in order to tend to the pup’s needs?
  • do you understand when to visit the veterinarian to vaccinate your pup?

After you have learned about the breed and think that you are still interested in purchasing a Kerry, visit some of our breeders to learn about their Kerry families, their individual breeding philosophy, their funny stories, and their plans and goals for the future. Their email addresses as well as their telephone numbers are listed in the directory.


Online purchases of Kerry related items like cards, pictures and books are made easy in our shop.

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