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Kerry Blue Terrier Pedigree System

New Look and New Features

Twenty years ago, Bill Kearney started compiling his Kerry pedigree database. At the time he only had around 5,000 entries.  While working on compiling his information he met Anne Matthews who also had an interest in pedigrees.  Bill and Anne had an animated conversation on Kerry research and Bill’s involvement with the club’s first website.  Bill and Anne decided to combine their databases and would be of benefit to Kerry Blue Terrier breeders and others interested in the heritage of Kerry Blues.  the database quickly grew to 10,000 Kerry Blues and was made available on the first USKBTC website.  Today, due to Bill’s continued work, it now contains over 51,000 entries. 

The System has been moved to a new software platform and has additional functionality.  One of the new features is the ability to add pictures of dogs in the database, add health clearances, keep titles updated, etc.  The new system is overseen by administrators across the country, but breeders can directly update pedigree information.  All changes go through an administrator prior to going live in the database. 

You can view the pedigree and look at the dog’s qualities as you research your pedigree or research a planned breeding.  The thumbnail pictures you see can be enlarged with a click on the picture.

Access to the pedigree database is open only to members of the United States Kerry Blue Terrier Club.  Each family unit has been provided log in information.  The Pedigree User Guide contains additional information.  Sharing of access information can result in suspension of access to the Pedigree Database.

USKBTC Pedigree Database Users Guide

Please click HERE to download the USKBTC Pedigree Database User Manual.  It has all the information you need to actively use the database.  It is recommended that owners and breeders check the information contained in the database for their Kerry Blues and make any necessary corrections.  If you have lost you log in information please contact one of the administrators.


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