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Rescued Kerries Need Our Help

UPDATE 2/06/09


As of 2/6 /09, the 8 Kerries removed from a commercial breeder in Ohio have been committed to NEW homes! This achievement is a direct result of the collaborative effortsof members of the KBTCNO,PKBTC,USKBTC, the Foundation AND YOU LISTERS who responded to our requests for HELP.

This points a pathway to the future in terms of rescue. The rescue policies of the Foundation and the USKBTC are quite similar and the spirit of co-operation between both organizations in terms of this rescue could not have been better.

A special thanks is in order to Tracy and Dave Campanella for working with ALL the clubs to make this happen.

Tom Rogers

Ohio Kerry Rescue – Update 1/20/09


Larry Brown, John Garahan, the Board and members of the Philadelphia Kerry Blue Terrier Club took an early leadership position initiating this rescue. They provided a substantial financial contribution for expenses, and offered transportation, fostering and placement possibilities.

Our constitution calls upon us to do all in our power to advance and protect the Kerry Blue Terrier. Through their actions, members of the Philadelphia Kerry Blue Terrier Club confirmed their adherence to these values. The USKBTC and the entire Kerry community owe them a debt of gratitude. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL!!!

The care and placement of these dogs is an evolving event as indicated in my 1/15 update, and placement homes are still needed. Individuals have privately indicated to me contributions to USKBTC-Charitable Funds. As of this writing I do not have the details BUT THANK YOU.

Tom Rogers

Please read the updates and emails below. Details on how you can help and how you can contribute can be found in the updates printed below. Please take the time to read all the information and help where ever you can.

UPDATE – January 15, 2009

Thanks to the valiant effort of Tracy Campanella and KBTCNO President Dave Campanella and assisted by members of the club, the Kerries removed from a commercial breeding operation are in temporary care situations.

They continue to undergo medical and temperament evaluation. So far so good. The continuing winter storms stretching across the mid-west have impacted our options. Between the USKBTC and The Foundation, we APPEAR to have commitments on 5 of the 8. BUT nothing is final, and ALL is dependent on evaluation results.

IMPORTANT: We STILL need commitments for re-homing the 3 males, a 5 year old and 2 nine month old pups . AGAIN, at this point all appear to have good temperment and be in good health. Once the evaluations are complete we will need help transporting for placement.

PLEASE DONATE: In addition, we need MONEY! Tax deductible donations can be sent through Pay-pal to Charitable Funds on the USKBTC website or checks can be sent to
Linda Pheasant, Charitable Funds Treasurer
101 Spring Garden Road
Sebring, FL 33870.

THANKS in advance for your help!!


Read Tom’s original email on the rescued Kerries below.

The USKBTC is considering a rescue of as many as 11 Kerry Blues this weekend barring unforeseen circumstances. The Kerries reportedly vary in ages, with five puppies under 8 months and 3 (about 5 years) and 3 of an undetermined age, all from a commercial operation in Northeastern Ohio.

Members of the KBTCNO have volunteered to transport these dogs and arrange for initial veterinary care, neutering, temperament evaluation and temporary foster locations. In addition to Northern Ohio, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh KBT clubs are taking a role in this endeavor. The Foundation is also working on behalf of these dogs and will be receiving a portion of the dogs. As always, all rescues done by the USKBTC will be done following USKBTC Rescue Policy. The rescue procedures and required forms are listed on our Website. Dogs rescued by the Foundation would fall under their policies.

If we are going to be successful with this rescue, we need volunteers for fostering and adoption for those Kerries designated to our care. . USKBTC- Charitable Funds will pay the initial costs of treatment and boarding the Kerries designated to our care. As usual, the USKBTC does not pay to rescue a dog. If you’re able to assist in this operation please contact me.

In addition, if you’re interested in being the rescue co-coordinator for the USKBTC, the position is available!!

I would again like to thank our past rescue coordinators and workers for their tireless efforts and for the excellent job that they did. Needless to say, we welcome all volunteers and need financial contributions. Please contact me if you can help these Kerries in need by calling 480-893-7941 or email,

Tom Rogers


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