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When Prey Drive is a Good Thing:
Trusting Your Instincts and Your Kerry

By Jann Steel Lane, President, KBTCSC

The Kerry Blue Terrier Club of Southern California held its first Herding Fun Day and Herding Instinct Testing on April 17, 2005 in Sunland, CA. We had 13 dogs participate (11 Kerries, one Aussie and one Wheaten). Judy Vanderford of Sunland, CA, National Herding Judge (and owner of Belgian Tervurens) gave each of our dogs an official instinct test for sheep herding. We were so proud that nine of our eleven entered Kerries passed their Herding Instinct Test!

What a thrill it was! To see your dog’s instincts ‘kick-in’ is a feeling you can’t describe in words. Judy told us that she had not worked with the Kerry Blue before, and was very impressed with their intensity and power. All 13 dogs were very excited to see the sheep. It was also the first time that these sheep have seen a Kerry Blue! The looks on the sheep faces were unforgettable, not unlike the look on the faces of the sheep when they saw “Babe” the pig for the first time, in the movie “Babe!” Maybe they thought our Kerries really WERE wolves?

Having organized this event, I was very encouraging to all of our club members and their dogs that our breed could herd, and that they should try it. But I have to admit, I had doubts about my own Kerry, Mackenzie. You see, my Mackenzie dislikes (intensely) any “white animal.” I was assured by our herding judge, Judy, that no dog would be allowed to hurt a sheep, nor the other way around. She said she had control. But then, she didn’t know my Mackenzie, and she was not yet personally familiar with the Kerry Blue Terrier!

Then the time came that day that all of the dogs had gone in the pen, except my Kerry. Even my Wheaten, Maggie had her turn at the sheep. Maggie thought the sheep were nice and fellow “shade seekers,” just like her. No interest in herding from Maggie. My husband, Bob, had even brought along extra cash in case we had to pay for a sheep. Now, you can imagine how much confidence that gave me.

But my Mackenzie surprised me. She entered the pen with Judy and within seconds, Judy let go of the lead and Mackenzie started herding. She even ran out and brought a stray sheep back to the herd. Judy was impressed and said she was a natural. I had tears in my eyes and Bob put the cash back in his wallet. After 15 minutes of moving sheep, Mackenzie was smiling from ear to ear in that very happy and worn-out-way, that we have all seen in our Kerry Blues.

The next day we (and our dogs) were walking a little slower, but all of us can’t wait to get back in the pen. If you have the interest, trust your Kerries and give them the chance to demonstrate a very ancient instinct. Our club members loved the experience and I know we will all be looking for another opportunity to share herding with our dogs.

Jann Lane, KBTCSC

Not only did we have a great dog turn out but we had over 20 human members and guests attend. Carol and Jeff Deeter were instrumental in helping arrange for this fun day. Thank you Jeff and Carol! Jeff was our timer and gate keeper, and Carol was less than 24 hours out of surgery, but there to support and watch their Therapy dog, Teddi, an Australian Shepherd, and Sophie, their 8 year old Kerry work the sheep. Teddi was a week into her pregnancy but still showed us how it was to be done! Jim and Jeannie Cosby brought their “Gryfie” who got the award for strongest prey drive. A big thanks for Jim and Jeannie for taking care of hospitality on last minute’s notice. You are a true treasure to the club! Other members new to our activities were Nancy and Paul Johnson who brought “Tynan”, who took after the sheep like second nature, and Sherri Adamson and her sons, who brought “Lexie”! Gregory and Desiree brought Killian, a 13 year old Kerry who had hip surgery a few years ago and still gave them a run for their wool! Killian is one of our oldest Kerries at 12! Mike Muller brought Kelly who is a veteran, as well. Al and Carolyn Baum brought Murphy and Kelli who had shined at our Strong Dog Fun Day and who showed their herding instinct as well.


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