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Blueprints of 1958

05/10/2011 6:00 PM | Anonymous

BlueprintsSome Interesting Facts
Many of you have received the latest issue of Blueprints, so I thought you might be interested in some information I came across.
(By the way, a big thanks to Janie MacBryde, Blueprints Editor, for her continued hard work on this project.)

Facts Found in the 1958 edition of Blueprints

  • The 1958 edition was 19 pages, one sided on legal size paper.
  • Blueprints cost the club $100 an issue and looks like to was done on a mimeograph machine.  That cost includes postage.
  • The USKBTC had 81 members.
  • There were a number of different chapter clubs in 1958. KBTC of Atlanta, KBTC of Kansas City, KBTC of New England,
  • The first annual specialty show of the KBTC of Kansas City was held in February of 1958.
  • There was a tribute to Edward Megargee who died March 15, 1958.
  • USKBTC thanked Dr. Montgomery for working on the KBT book of the breed and for agreeing to judge their fall specialty held at Westchester KC.
  • Some of the BOB winners of the time were:

KBTC of Atlanta  – BOB – Ch. Slugger McGee- Owned by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Wilson.
KBTC of Chicago -  BOB – Ch. Tailteann’s Marcie’s Son – Owned by Mrs. Eileen McEachren
KBTC of Kansas -  BOB -  Ch. Tailteann’s Marcie’s Son – Owned by Mrs. Eileen McEachren
KBTC of Northern California – BOB Kilkraney Caprice, 15 Kerries entered.
KBTC of New England – BOB Connemara’s Carmel Quinn – Bred by Connie Pierce
Heart of America KC BOB – Ch. Dorcliff Damsel – Owned by Mr. & Mrs. Robert Weil

  • Awards given by the KBTC of New England, which at that time, was one of the oldest chapter clubs having hosted 16 specialties are noted below.

Bluecoste Befriend, UD was given the Bluecote Obedience Challenge Trophy for the highest scoring Kerry in obedience for the year.
Ch. Connemara’s Carmel Quinn was given the Outstanding Kerry for 1957 award.
Glady Titcomb was given the Outstanding Member Award.

  • It was reported that in 1958 there were a total of 5 KBTs in Japan, but only one registered in the Japan Kennel Club, Int. CH. Garnet’s Patrick, CD owned by Lt. Col. & Mrs. John Bankus.
  • The Kerry Blue Terrier Club of ENGLAND issued a list of the number of CC’s won by Kerries as of January 1958.  The top holder of CC’s (25) was Ch. Acquire Best Blue.
  • There was  a call for more active members of the USKBTC.
  • Gaelic words were translated.  Just three of the Gaelic words mentioned are below.

Chairraighe – Kerry
Gorm – the color blue
Banba – ban’uv, a pet name for the Ireland of old, of the days of great feats, of mythology.

  • Tips For The Coming Weather (Please remember this was placed in the 1958 edition of Blueprints.)

For the Kerry that is not being shown, clip the hair from  the feet up to the hock.
For the Kerry that is being show, slip plastic bags over his feet and hold in place with rubber bands, one placed above the hocks and    one placed below.”

Things have really changed.

Carol Kearney


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