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KerryFest 2019 MEN'S Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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Celebrate KerryFest 2019 with a Commemorative T-Shirt! This shirt was designed by Melanie Fledges specially for KerryFest and captures the true spirit of the event. These shirts are “printed to order” and none will be available for sale at KerryFest but will be available for pickup during the Challenge of Champions evening. If you want your T-Shirt shipped add $6 for shipping. You have the option to either pay with PayPal or to send a check. For international orders please contact Melissa Dillon at for shipping costs. If you prefer to order manually there is a link to an order form in the KerryFest event listing. ALL ORDERS AND PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED BY APRIL 5, 2019


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